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December 3rd, 2017 by robin


  • Game Rules v1 (11/16/17)
  • Half-Time Free-Throws
  • Younger divisions shall shoot free-throws at half-time.
    – Each player present takes one shot, even those that may not be playing due to injury or sickness.
    – Over the line violations do apply.
    – Made shots get added to the score.

  • Free Throw Rules (courtesy of Coach BobZ)
  • Standings and Matchups
  • – Although formal standings are not maintained, game results are requested to assist in determining the most competitive matchups in future games
    – Teams may be moved to a more appropriate division in the interest of competitive game matchups

  • Letter from Ref Coodinator to Coaches (note that half-time free-throw rule has been updated)

Game Management

  • Scoresheet (C-Hoops)
  • Scoresheet (NCAA)
  • Lineup Planning Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • Scoreboard Operation, Scorekeeping and More
  • – Each team is to provide a scorekeeper (parent, sibling, …) to keep track of their OWN points, fouls and timeouts taken.
    – The referees will consult with the scorekeepers in the event of any scoring disputes.
    – Home team is to provide a scoreboard operator, who takes inputs from the scorekeepers as needed.
    – Parents shall not enter the court to speak to the scoreboard operator, scorekeepers, referees or opposing coaches. They should speak to their own coach during a stoppage in play if they have a concern about the game.

  • Substitutions and Playing Time
  • With 10 players or less, substitutions may only be made at 5 min intervals. You cannot sub during timeouts unless they coincide with a 5 min interval or due to an injury.

    Have your players ready for the 5 min substitution. If you take too long, you will either be charged with a timeout or you will have to wait for the next 5 min break.

    Everyone plays at least half the game (20 minutes), if possible. If more than 10 players, no player shall play more than half the game (20 minutes) and no player shall play less than 15 minutes of the game. If 7 or more players, no player may play an entire half without sitting out for at least 5 minutes. Since C-Hoops does not require that teams turn in time and score cards, we trust that you will be fair to your players as well as your opponents.

  • Managing Mismatches
  • In the event that your team is dominating another team, we trust that you’ll adhere to both the letter and spirit of the Mercy Rules. This means that in addition to the Mercy Rules add one or more of the following:
    (1) ease up on defense — loose man-to-man that allows shots outside the key
    (2) run plays to get your weaker/smaller kids more involved in the offense
    (3) no fast breaks — even if the opportunity is there
    (4) take long 2s if your team is dominating in the key
    (5) 5 or more passes before a shot
    (6) no shots in the key

    Remember that respect for your opponents is a key component of PCA’s ROOTS philosophy.

Practice Management

  • What Should You Teach (by age level)
  • NJB Practice Videos
  • One Hour Practice Plan
  • Rules for Practice Safety
  • In a bid to streamline our practices and keep everyone safe, please adhere to the following rules:

    1. No one other than the designated players and coaches can be on the basketball court – this is based on your time slot
    2. Parents and siblings must be away from the court and seated (if seating available) – NO SIBLINGS ON THE COURT – this MUST be enforced
    3. Players arriving early or staying later MUST follow the same rules ie be seated or away from the court without disturbing the practice
    4. Please be courteous to your fellow coaches by having your players use only your designated portion of the court
    5. Parents must supervise their kids (players and siblings) during non-practice times when at a practice facility

    Coaches, please stress to parents that accidents (eg: getting hit with a basketball) can happen in the gym if someone is not alert or careful.

    Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to strive for a very positive experience for the kids.

    From the C-Hoops Board